Sustainability Statement

At Skincare with Compassion we are committed to being a sustainable company in all that we do. This includes our product development process, packaging and choices we make. Our efforts for sustainability include the following: 
  • We don’t use outer packaging for any of our products.
  • All packaging is sourced from the UK to reduce transport miles.
  • We use P.E.T plastic bottles, jars and tops which are fully recyclable.
  • Our mailing boxes and leaflets are sustainably-sourced and certified by the FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council).
  • Our packaging materials are recyclable / biodegradable.
  • Sustainably sourced stock which is fully recyclable.
  • We ensure our ingredients are ethically and sustainable sourced and support fair trade communities where possible.

We will always continue to help protect our environment and look for ways on how we can improve at Skincare with Compassion.