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How to care for spot prone skin

Many people suffer with spot prone skin and there are many different factors that contribute to this skin condition. By following a simple but effective skincare routing can set you in the right direction to achieving a healthy, much clearer complexion.

Understanding why spots appear

Our skin is made of of pores that contain a single hair follicle which contains a sebaceous (oil) gland. These glands produce an oily secretion known as sebum that helps to lubricate the surface of the skin, keeping it soft. The sebum carries dead skin cells through the hair follicles towards the skins surface which can become trapped by dead skin cells and bacteria blocking it’s path which leads to blocked pores. This blockage is what eventually causes spots to develop on the skin.Sebum plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy and lubricated and acts like a natural moisturiser. However, too much sebum can lead to spots whereas too little sebum can lead to dry, flaky skin.

Our skincare tips

Caring for problematic skin including spots, blemishes and oiliness we want to share our top tips for helping you achieve a clearer, healthier complexion.

Keep your skin clean: It’s so important to cleanse the skin daily morning and evening to remove dirt, impurities, toxins and access oil from the skin.  Using a wash like our Purifying Face Wash contains powerful antibacterial and inflammatory ingredients that

Exfoliate twice a week: Regular weekly polishing with a gentle face polish helps to keep pores free from excess skin cells and oil. it removes the build up of dead skin cells resulting in a softer, more smoother complexion. Avoid harsh, abrasive exfoliators which can aggravate spots and cause tiny cuts on the skin, disrupting it’s protective barrier. Natural exfoliators/polishes are more kinder to the skin without the harming side effects. 

Avoid pore clogging moisturisers: Moisturising the skin is another important step to achieving a clear complexion however ensuring your moisturiser is non- comedogenic will help prevent your skin from having breakouts. Using the correct moisturiser for your skin type is vital so the skin can reaps the benefits. If your skin is oily and prone to spots, avoid heavy moisturisers and use a light-weight formula which has an added benefit of mattifying the skin such as our Purifying Moisturiser. Heavy weight products can overload the skin resulting in pores become blocked.

Add a Facial Mask to your routine: A deep cleansing treatment helps to give the skin a much deeper clean if used twice a week and as an extra bonus makes a nice pampering for the skin! A mask containing Kaolin Clay draws out dirt, toxins and oil from the skin and absorbs sebum, making way for a soft, clearer complexion. Our Purifying Face Mask is formulated with active, antibacterial ingredients which work to deeply clean the pores without stripping the skin of it's natural oils. 

Avoid harsh chemicals: Unfortunately a lot of people believe that products containing chemicals such as harsh alcohols (Ethyl & Ethanol) and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) should be used on spot prone skin to dry out out the skin. They are full of irritants that cause harsh drying effects on the skin and strip away it’s natural oils. Over time this can lead to pre-mature ageing, dehydration, flakiness, redness, damage and weakness to the skins structure.

Remove make up before bed: Long wearing of makeup can clog the pores which leads to breakout. Ensuring the skin is thoroughly rid of makeup is vital. Skin full of products such as primers, foundations, powders etc make the skin less breathable and create a barrier preventing the skins natural rejuvenating process. This in time can result in a dull, tired looking complexion and premature ageing.

Maintain a healthy diet: We all know the importance of following a healthy diet so be sure to follow one!  Stock up on the fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of purified water throughout the day to stay hydrated.




Our best, natural skincare for spot prone skin

Skincare with Compassion is completely natural and has created a Purifying range to effectively care for oily, spot prone skin and blemishes. We use pure, plant based ingredients that are specifically chosen to combat this specific skin concern to help balance the skin and help promote a healthy, clearer complexion.

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