About us

Skincare with Compassion is based on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.  Founded by Emma Froch, the company launched in March 2018.
With a strong passion for truly natural organic skin care, animal welfare and honest company ethics, these are the core values behind the brand.
Our products have been expertly formulated with high performing, botanical ingredients to nourish and protect the skin naturally.
The entire range is 100% free from anything artificial or synthetic and we proudly explain about every ingredient on our website.
We use only the purest, plant powered ingredients without a single drop of anything chemical or artificial.
Our entire range is certified Cruelty-free and Vegan.  We do not support animal testing or use animal by products and never will do.
We have strict standards that each ingredient we use is ethically sourced from sustainable origins and derived only from nature.
Our products are hand blended, bottled and labelled with love in England to the highest quality and capturing freshness.
We use PET packaging for all our products which is fully recyclable.
We never use palm oil, chemicals, parabens, synthetics, artificial fragrances, micro-bead, silicone or any other questionable ingredients in our formulations.
We are a company that is dedicated to changing the way in which people think about skincare and that natural beauty is the way forward to truly care for the skin. 
Every purchase from our skincare range is helping to support cruelty-free and saving the lives of millions of animals in the cruel skincare industry.  With our commitment to educating people about this, we can soon make this a thing of the past.
Thank you for visiting us
Emma x