Why we don’t use Silicone in our products

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Why we don’t use silicone in our natural skincare products

First introduced to beauty products in the 1950s, silicones are derived from a natural product called silica, however it goes through extensive chemical processing before being added to beauty products.

Why some companies use Silicones

Silicones are used widely in the beauty industry. When used in facial products they give products that silky, luxurious feel and spreadable texture. This makes the consumer believe they are buying a product of good quality. There are however no nutritional benefits that Silicones provide to the skin. They are very cheap and some companies prefer to use in-expensive fillers rather than source more expensive raw ingredients that provide nutritious benefits to the skin. Unfortunately some companies will still make the product expensive even though they are using cheaper ingredients.

What effect does Silicones have on the skin

80% of all skincare and cosmetics such as moisturisers, serums, make up and BB creams contain silicone. While they make application smoother, these compounds coat the skin, therefore blocking pores and making it impossible for the skin to breathe. They are often described to be like a plastic wrap suffocating the skin and trapping anything beneath it such as dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells and other debris. This bacteria can then lead to acne and many different types of skin irritations.

Continued use of silicone can dehydrate the skin which can lead to dryness as it interferes with the skins natural processes like sweating and sloughing off old dead skin cells. This in time can make fine lines, wrinkles and ageing more visible.

How to identify if a product contains Silicone

There are lots of different types of silicone and an easy way to identify if a product contains it is that they normally end in ‘cone,’ ‘conol,’ or ‘siloxane,’
The full names are commonly known as:

Phenyl Trimethicone

Why we choose not to use Silicone

We exclude this ingredient from our product formulas and choose natural alternatives. All our formulas have a velvety texture and spread luxuriously on the skin however every drop of ingredient we use provides the skin with nutrients, antioxidants and other skin benefits. This is crucial in every skincare product and something silicone cannot provide to the skin. 

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