The Sad Truth about the Beauty Industry

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Skincare with Compassion was launched out of love and concern for animals used for testing in the beauty industry.  People believe this is a thing of the past however it's still a huge thing happening in the world today.  Our main focus is to raise awareness of this and to help people to change to a cruelty-free lifestyle. 

What is Animal Testing?

Animal testing is when experiments are carried out on innocent animals in order to test a new product i.e face cream, mascara, shampoo and also household products. The animal goes through extreme pain, suffering and distress which is cruel, painful and completely un-necessary.  Alternative testing has now been proven which does not involve the use of animals.

Some of what these experiments include:

  • Injecting animals with harmful substances.
  • Forcing toxic chemicals into the eyes which often causes blindness.
  • Rubbing harmful chemicals into the skin.
  • Gas inhalation.
  • Surgically removing organs to cause deliberate damage.
  • and much, much more.

These animals are always killed or die at the end of the experiment process.

Unfortunately a lot of the well-known brands out there most likely test on animals. This is the ugly face of the beauty industry which these companies do not show or advertise to their customers.

Over 100,000 animals are estimated to suffer and die per year, so that people could enjoy a new or the latest lipstick colour or face cream.

What can you do?

You can take the step to help ending this by changing to a cruelty-free lifestyle. This means choosing products that have not been tested on animals whether it's makeup, skincare or household products. You may think that just 1 person will not make that much of a difference however your wrong! The more and more people that stop purchasing products from companies that carry out these tests, the more quicker it will end.  

How do you know what products are tested on animals?

I'd be delighted to name and shame these companies on this blog however there are so many! There are however plenty of websites that have provided this information already which I've given links to further down the page. 

  Look for the leaping bunny.

An easy way to have confidence in buying cruelty-free products is to look or the Leaping Bunny Logo on  product packaging.  This logo means the company has been through thorough investigation and audit of its products and ingredients by Cruelty Free International who issues the certified 'cruelty free' status.  

It is also important to understand that companies can be certified and carry the leaping bunny logo however they may be owned by a parent company that conducts animal testing. Even though the products have not been tested on animals, you will still be contributing to the funding and profits of the parent company that does by purchasing the products.  This is each persons preference as to how deeply you view this. 

How do I familiarise myself with cruelty-free brands?

I understand this can be daunting when first entering the world of cruelty free.  You will have no idea what brands to buy from however it has become a lot more easier in the last few years to recognise!   My advise at this stage is to change gradually and you will soon get there.  Start by looking at products you currently use which you are running low of and will shortly need to re-stock on. Then research the company online to see if it's cruelty-free (if it doesn't already carry the leaping bunny logo on the packaging). The good news is that there are some good reference guides online to help you which we recommend below:


The above websites provide up to date lists of companies which are good to buy from and those that are not.  You can also opt to receive updates by email to keep updated with those companies who gain or lose their cruelty-free status. 

Making the transition to Cruelty-free

A question we often get asked is "I want to go cruelty-free however I love this face wash, lipstick and cannot be without it!"  We understand everyone is attached to products they use or they like to smell of etc and will find it difficult to stop using.  Our advise is that there is most definitely something else you can use which is probably even better than what you are currently using!  Just take the time to research it and I promise you will find it more easier than you think (and feel much better also)!

Be Cruelty-free

As more and more people are becoming aware of the cruel practices of animal welfare in the beauty industry the more hopeful we are that animal testing will soon become a thing of the past in all countries.  Until this time, please, please become a compassionate, cruelty-free shopper. Help spread the word about this subject amongst family, friends and work colleagues and lets be the voice for these innocent animals in laboratories.  

Our aim at Skincare with Compassion is not to generate hundreds of sales but more importantly to educate people about cruelty-free and natural living which we are so passionate about. 

If you need help in finding out if a company is cruelty-free please do not hesitate to send us a message as we are always willing to help. 

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