Is your skin suffering from wearing a Face Mask?

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We explain our top tips and guidance on how you can care for your skin whilst wearing a face mask and how to get it feeling healthy again.

As we adapt to the new normal, it’s become a common problem with the use of wearing face masks that the skin is left feeling sore, inflamed, with spots occurring and itchy dry patches. Any kind of material constantly rubbing against the skin can lead to friction and leave the skin feeling irritated. In addition, the build up of oil, sweat and trapped dirt clogging the skin can lead to breakouts of acne.

Keep your skin clean

Keeping the skin clean is an important step in any daily skincare routine. Avoid using harsh products on the skin which can disrupt the skins outer layers that can lead to additional inflammation and dryness. We suggest washing the face morning and evening with a light, gentle cleanser to remove the build up of impurities and toxins. Try not to use products that strip away the skins natural oils as this will dry out the skin and cause more of those annoying dry patches. Once the skin has been washed, lock in hydration with a light aloe vera based Serum followed by a Gentle Moisturiser that’s not too heavy on the skin.

Avoid harsh Exfoliators and Scrubs

You may the tempted to reach for the Exfoliator or Facial Scrub however we recommend to avoid doing this step until the skin is back to a healthy state. Particles in these types of products can be abrasive on the skin which is already sore and irritated. It and can then make the skin even more sore. At this time, the skin needs soothing, nourishment and protection to get it looking healthy again.

Use a Facial Mask during the week

We recommend giving the skin a deep down cleanse and detox during the week. Our Purifying Facial Mask is a luxurious cream that dissolves toxins and impurities from beneath the top layers of the epidermis without a drying effect on the skin. The antibacterial botanicals work to kill bacteria which is the main cause of spots and acne.

Protect skin with a Gentle Moisturiser

Moisturisers can contain certain ingredients which aggravate the skin. These can include artificial fragrances, synthetics and harsh dehydrating alcohols.  Essential Oils can also irritate skin that is already sore and inflamed. We therefore recommend avoiding essential oil based products for the moment and opting for a fragrance-free gentle moisturiser containing soothing ingredients that calm and protect the skin.

Give your skin a break from makeup

You skin needs time to breathe when wearing a mask so try to lay off the makeup if you can. If this is something you just can’t do then try switching to a natural BB Cream instead of a silicone-based or heavy foundation. This way your skin will still receive nutrients from the natural ingredients used and still be able to breathe.

Nourish the skin during the night time

As we sleep, our skin starts the rejuvenate itself. If you don’t have a layer of protective natural oils on the skin, it will start to lose water. It’s therefore important to moisturiser the skin at night time to replenish the water loss.

We recommend our Pure & Gentle Moisturiser, an alcohol-free and fragrance free cream enriched with hydrating Organic Aloe Vera and nourishing Shea Butter blended with Apricot. This works to lock in moisture and protect the skin from drying whilst hydrating the skin as we sleep.

Our Recommendations

Our recommendations for skin that is suffering from the constant wearing of face masks is to strip everything back in your daily skincare routine. What we mean by this is to switch to a simple routine by using only natural, fragrance-free products with no skin irritating ingredients that can make the problem worse. Wash skin twice a day, morning and evening and always following with moisturiser whilst the skin is still damp. Avoid any kind of exfoliator until the skin is better and use a gentle Facial Mask mid-week to deep clean and detox the skin. 

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