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It is a great accolade to be hailed by one of the world’s most highly regarded fashion magazines – and the owner of a local skincare brand who saw her products listed as one of Vogue’s best-kept beauty secrets is naturally delighted by the recognition.

For Emma Froch, the founder of Skincare with Compassion, the achievement is all the more pleasing because of the ethical values behind her brand.

‘I have always been passionate about animal welfare and did not want to use any products that either contained animal derivatives or had been tested on wildlife’ she explained. ‘I also wanted to create a range of skincare which contained only natural ingredients as a lot of products on the market include parabens, silicones, synthetics and artificial fragrances which don’t have any nutritional benefits for the skin.’

In her drive to ‘bring transparency to the skincare industry’, Emma has developed a range of 16 products, spread across different ranges to cater for varying skin types.

‘The purifying range, for example, is ideal for people with oily skin, who may be prone to outbreaks of spots,’ Emma explained. ‘This range contains several antibacterial botanicals including thyme and rosemary, which not only decongest the skin and refresh the complexion, but also smell amazing.’

Switching from herbs to flowers, Emma’s rejuvenating range features Monoi de Tahiti oil which promotes a soft, healthy glow to the skin. It also contains different rose flowers.

‘While rose scents are often artificial, we use only real roses, releasing the flower’s natural aroma in a light and subtle way,’ she said. ‘The Rejuvenating Serum works at a deep, cellular level, to deliver antioxidants and nutrients to the skin, improving the skins tone and texture.

With Emma having researched the properties of plants before developing her range, each product is designed to bring maximum benefits to the skin.

‘It was really important to me that the products really enhanced people’s skin.’ she stressed. ‘In the Hydrating Milk Cleanser, for example, a blend of nourishing ingredients work to gently melt away toxins and impurities from the skin, whilst Olive and Tamanu promote healthy cell renewal.’

But the focus on the ingredients does not stop the products from having a luxurious feel.

‘Skincare should be about feeling good. The Pure & Gentle range, which is completely hypoallergenic, is formulated for people with skin sensitivities including eczema and rosacea. It contains Chamomile and Sweet Almond, which are really soothing ingredients. This is one of my go-to creams, not only because it really improves skin conditions but because it has a wonderfully nourishing and luxurious feel on the skin.’

As well as the products being vegan-friendly and cruelty-free approved, Emma’s ethics carry through the packaging, all of which is fully recyclable. And, with animal welfare at the heart of the brand, she donates some of the profits to different animal welfare charities.

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