How Thyme can help fight spot-prone skin

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At Skincare with Compassion we love talking about our ingredients and how they can help with different skin types and conditions.  Today we are focusing on how Thyme can help with spot prone skin. Yes that little fragrant herb used in the kitchen to make amazing cuisine! This wonderful herb is an excellent choice for natural skincare formulations due to its powerful antibacterial and inflammatory properties.

When spots occur

Spots occur when the small hair follicles found on the skin become clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt. Each follicle is made up of a hair and a sebaceous gland attached to it. The sebaceous gland releases oil which is known as sebum to prevent the hair and skin from drying out. Pimples and spots develop when sebaceous glands become clogged with bacteria and inflamed.

Caring for spot-prone skin

Spot prone skin sometimes be difficult to treat and unfortunately a lot of people believe that the only way to treat the skin is to use harsh, alcohol based products. The downside to using these types of products is the skin becomes red, dehydrated, stressed and flaky which can result in premature ageing as it weakens the skins structure over time.

Fortunately, there are more kinder, natural alternatives to these products without the harsh side effects on the skin.

Thyme and it's skin benefits

Thyme (known as Thymus Vulgaris) a flowering plant of the Mint family.

Native to European countries, this herb is a pure natural ingredient that can help with problematic skin including acne, spots and blemishes. It contains two active ingredients known as ‘Thymol’ and ‘Carvacrol’ which have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. which is why it is found in mouthwashes and used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

Thyme also contains powerful antioxidants that can help protect skin from environmental stressors. It helps to even skin tone and boost the skins overall health.

Purifying Face Wash fo oily skin

Our Purifying Face Wash

Due to the powerful properties that Thyme contains, we use this ingredient in our Purifying Face Wash which is specifically formulated to help fight problematic skin concerns.

The light gel formula is enriched with powerful active ingredients that work to deeply cleanse and strengthen the skin without stripping the skin. The natural antibacterial properties of Thyme and Rosemary helps to clear skin whilst Geranium balances sebum production. A botanical blend containing soothing botanicals helps to calm the skin leaving it feeling more revived. The concentrated formula makes this a long lasting facial wash.

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