Face wipes and why they are bad for the skin

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Face wipes are a bathroom essential for many people due to their convenience, cheapness and quickness for removing makeup at the end of each day.

What people don’t realise is that they are super bad for the skin. Each wipe is soaked in high levels of dehydrating alcohols, preservatives and synthetics in order to keep them moist, preserved and effective for using.

When using wipes on the skin and eye area, those harsh ingredients are then rubbed over the face in order to dissolve all traces of makeup. This constant rubbing especially round the delicate eye area can lead to those dreaded fine lines (that nobody wants)! For those people who don’t rinse the skin, those nasty ingredients are then left on the face during the night time and transferred to bed linen. This leaves the skin dirty, and causes the skin to become dehydrated, dry and premature ageing starting to set in. 

Once the wipes are used they are then discarded and start to cause disruption to the environment, impacting marine lives, sewage systems and lining beaches.


The job of a face wipe is to remove make up and impurities but they don’t provide the skin with any nutritional value or nourishment that it needs. Opting for natural cleanser from our range will ensure your skin is effectively cleansed, nourished and protected without the need for harsh skin damaging ingredients.

Our Face Cleansers are designed for different skin types in mind and are loaded with nutrients and vitamins for the skin. They also effectively remove eye makeup. By taking a little bit more time in the evening, your skin will soon start to feel healthier and more looked after.


Hydrating Milk Cleanser | Natural skin care


Hydrating Milk Cleanser - for skin that appears dry or dehydrated. This cleanser gently melts away toxins and impurities from the skin whilst improving the skins texture and hydration levels. Enriched with nourishing Tamanu to regenerate skin cells and restore elasticity. A unique active blend containing Olive and Rosehip oils work to balance moisture, restoring a fresh more healthy complexion.

Pure & Gentle Milk Cleanser | Natural skin carePure & Gentle Milk Cleanser - this fragrance free cleanser is enriched with the most gentlest ingredients to cleanse and soothe sensitive skin including Eczema and Rosacea. It gently melts away toxins and impurities from the skin to leave it feeling soothed and refreshed. A unique blend of ingredients including Organic Rosehip work to  hydrate skin and restore a soft, healthy complexion. 

Brightening Milk Cleanser | Natural skin careBrightening Milk Cleanser - for skin which appears dull and tired and in need of a boost, we have filled this cleanser with nutrient-rich ingredients chosen for their natural brightening properties. A nourishing blend of hydrating Mandarin oils, Ylang Ylang, and Neroli work to energises the skin and balance skin tone. The addition of Papaya which contains Papain enzymes helps to enhance the skins natural glow, leaving skin looking and feeling more refreshed and revived.



If you have any questions about our natural cleansers, feel free to contact us using our online form or email at info@skincarewithcompassion.com. 


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