Our Winter Skincare Tips

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Bring out that winter glow!

When winter creeps up on us, we pile on the layers, drink mugs of hot chocolate and keep warm and cozy by the fire during the winter nights. It's easy though to forget about our skin as humidity drops, the temperatures become lower and chilly winds of the season take hold. Our skin becomes dry, flaky and dehydrated battling the winter elements. Here are some tips on preparing your skin for the cold days and winter nights.

1. Stay Hydrated

We all know the importance of drinking water through the day but drinking plenty of water during the winter months is is just as important for your skin as during the summer months. Keeping up our water intake is an essential step for a hydrated and glowing complexion. If your finding it too cold to reach for the water bottle when its freezing cold, opt for warm fruit teas to keep up with your water intake.

2. Avoid hot baths and showers

As nice as it is stepping into a hot bubble bath or shower, ensure the water is not too hot for the skin. High temperatures decrease moisture levels in the skin and strips away its natural oils. Try opting for a warmer temperature instead and always follow with a natural moisturiser to lock in moisture afterwards. Why not try a sample of our Hydrating Moisturiser with Rosehip and Frankincense for using as part of your winter skincare routine.

3. Polish the skin

Gentle weekly polishing is key to healthy looking skin. The effects of winter makes the skin become dry, flaky and dull as we turn on the central heating and expose ourselves to the outside elements. By gently polishing away those dead skin cells on a weekly basis, this makes way for a cleaner, brighter and more flawless complexion. Our natural Face Polishes are a luxurious, creamy blend that leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished and thoroughly pampered! Avoid polishes that are harsh to the skins tissue and opt for a more gentle polish. 

4. Moisturise

It's so important to moisturise skin especially during the winter season. Our facial skin is always exposed to the harsh elements and needs extra protection. Be careful when choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type as the ones you have been using during the summer months may not benefit your skin during the winter. Avoid alcohol and petroleum based products which dry out the skin. Instead opt for a natural moisturiser which suits your skin type so the skin receives the most benefits and nutrients. Our range of natural moisturisers are designed for different skin types and carefully formulated with skin nourishing ingredients.

5. Use a Humidifier

With one of the main causes of dry skin during winter is low humidity, purchasing a humidifier will improve your skins health. Running this during the night time will keep the air inside your home moist and more friendly on the skin. 

6. Eat healthy

Maintain a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure your body receives plenty of vitamins and minerals and omegas which is vital to the skins health. This can also help to fight colds and illnesses which appear more in the winter months.

7. Examine your skincare products

When winter approaches, it's a good time to switch from skincare laden artificial ingredients and dehydrating alcohols and switch to a more natural skincare routine. By using more gentle, products made with natural ingredients, your skin will soon start to see the results.

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